Our Style

Our Identity

We endeavor to be an ever-growing, multi-cultural and multi-generational body of believers who are purposefully dedicated to reaching our city, state, nation and world with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ! We will continually strive to reflect Christ in all that we do and say that others may discover His love, mercy and grace.

Our Theme

Life Church Smyrna Assembly embraces the reality that a Great Commitment (Psalm 37:5 [KJV/NIV]) to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39 [KJV/NIV]) and to the Great Commission (Mark 16:15 [KJV/NIV]; Matthew 28:19,20 [KJV/NIV]) will build a Great Church (Psalm 127:1 [KJV/NIV]). We boldly confess that “The best is yet to come!”

Our Misson

Life Church Smyrna Assembly desires to assist people in discovering their God given purpose and their potential by developing a passionate relationship with Christ. This mission occurs as we grow stronger through worship, larger through evangelism, deeper through discipleship, nearer through prayer, richer through diversity, closer through fellowship and freer through stewardship.

Our Vision

Life Church Smyrna Assembly endeavors to make a positive impact upon the city of Atlanta by creating a worship center where all persons can develop their relationship with Christ. We also desire to make a positive global impact by serving as a world-wide outreach center as we partner with missions organizations around the globe. This vision will be accomplished as we (1) relevantly share the message of Jesus Christ to the residents of Metro Atlanta, (2) relationally strengthen the family with Biblical models of small group ministries and corporate worship gatherings and (3) regularly support missions agencies so that the message of Jesus Christ might be shared globally. We commit ourselves to pastor within the Atlanta Metro, to teach the nation and to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Our Key Values

People matter to God therefore we are committed to (1) evangelism by leading others into a relationship with Christ, (2) edification as we develop through discipleship and (3) equipping as we train for ministry. God is honored through our excellence therefore we commit ourselves to developing and maintaining the highest standard of ministry in all we do. Ministry is supported by our generosity therefore we will be faithful stewards of our time, talents and treasures.